Spectrum Cable workers strike in Glen Rock

3 2,911

Submitted by: Boyd A Loving

Members of IBEW Local #3, who have been on strike against Spectrum Cable of NYC for over four (4) months, protested in front of a home on Dunham Place owned by John Quigley, a Regional Vice President of Spectrum.

Glen Rock PD was called to the scene at least once by a neighbor who complained of a drone flying over the scene.

A private security guard was observed sitting in a vehicle that was parked in the driveway of the Quigley’s home.

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  1. Mr Sp. Harry Bernard COO says

    John Quigley is living a happy life with Healthcare and future retirement pension. John Quigley doesn’t care about his employees who put their lives on the line in the field. Taking away healthcare and pensions is not the answer John Quigley. You as a former Navy personnel should know retirement is very important when the time comes. 1800 plus families and workers need their healthcare. Many men and women rebuilt the cable system after the terrorist attacks in 2001. Many of the techs had to breath that air and work in the surrounding buildings with contaminated dust. John Quigley shame that you don’t care about hard working Spectrum Technicians of NYC-NJ. Everyday on the field Techs have to deal with dangerous gases in manholes, rats, poison and high powered cables under the streets. Rain or shine the women and men work very hard to maintain this great cable system and John Quigley you don’t seem to care. John Quigley you went to Harvard Business School you should know how to treat people with kindness. I went to Yale Business and received my MBA and served as a Volunteer Firefighter for 7 years. Today i work with Union members at our company and our company’s future looks Great! John Quigley word from advice get the employees back to work and bargain a fair contract for the sake of the future.

  2. Bob Union says

    I can only hope Mr Quigley ‘s neighbors know what a snake he is!

  3. Denis Schuler says

    Quigley is not a nice person. I know. He’s my boss. Good luck to local 3!

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