Spring Market is a success with the Kids!

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This past weekend, Melissa Liberatore Lappin ( designer and founder of Roxbury Place) and Supriya Kapur ( designer and founder of Rock Road Jewelry) organized a Byrd Spring Market as a fundraiser for Byrd School and invited local businesses and  elementary kids from each school to participate.




Melissa and I take part in several markets throughout the year and for business owners without store fronts this is our best outlet to get exposure from the local community. It gives the town a chance to meet local artists and learn more about businesses that may not be in the forefront all the time.
Supriya Kapur ( Rock Road Jewelry)
While designing the feel of the market, the 2 founders, entrepreneurs themselves, wanted to give  kids a chance to shine in their creative space and show their entrepreneurship. The market was filled with so much young talent in this town. Aritsts, bakers, Slime specialists, little chefs , rainbow loom creators, accessory makers etc. The market was designed to showcase this talent in a family friendly setting.  Supriya and Melissa were overwhelmed with the support that we got by the great turn out.
Their hope is  that the kids learned the value of hard work, being creative, learning the value of a dollar and the time and effort required to earn it. We also hope they learn to deal with disappointment if a customer passed them by or didn’t make a purchase. Over all the children were very excited to be a part of this market and we hope to do it again at a much larger scale.
Parents were thrilled on their children reaction and experience as a part of this new event.
“Spring Market was a hit ! From sketching, to coloring , to setting the price , displaying the art , learning to sell, doing the math, excitement on the sales, saving some ,spending the rest… It was a fabulous experience for Theiha.

Thank you Supriya Kapur and Melissa Liberatore Lappin for organizing this event and giving my 6 year old a real life lesson.” Prathna Nagraj Dakshina mom of Theia Dakshina ( Theias Art Lab)

“Hannah’s vision of a bracelet business came to life today. She truly enjoyed being a little entrepreneur. She has caught a new bug and rocked it!! Thank you Supriya Kapur and Melissa Liberatore Lappin for organizing such an awesome event!!!” Marissa Storinge mom of Hannah Storinge ( Pop of Color

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