Francesca’s stepping up to aid in Haiti relief effort

Owner Sal Reina is donating $1 from each pizza sold from March 18th to March 31st to The Root Project.

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Whenever there is a cry for help, Francesca’s owner Sal Reina will step up to the plate and do something. His best friend’s mother and father are from Haiti and still have family members there. And while Reina’s friend’s family was not affected by the devastating Hurricane Matthew, millions more in the country were.

In an effort to help the many farmers who lost their crops because of the hurricane, several well-known chefs are participating in a relief effort called The Root Project, which aims to plant one million coffee and cacao trees in Haiti. When Reina learned that some of the chefs that he admires are doing it, he jumped on board to help. From March 18 to March 31, Reina is donating $1 from each pizza sold at Francesca’s to The Root Project.

After a prolonged drought, Hurricane Matthew was the worst hurricane to strike Haiti in more than 50 years, destroying 100 percent of crops in some areas and leaving 1.4 million people in need of immediate humanitarian aid.

The Root Project’s goal is: “to raise $500,000 to plant at least 1 million native coffee and cacao trees that will put Haitian farmers back to work. We want to build resilience and protect Haiti’s rich agricultural history, particularly through support for coffee and cacao production. The goal is to give farmers the tools to build a sustainable livelihood that will build long-term economic growth in Haiti.”

Reina’s two Chef idols who are leading the way in the Root Project are Dominique Crenn and Andrew Zimmern.

For more information on the Root Project, and to learn how you can help, go to



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