The Man, The Myth and the Legend bids fairwell to GR

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The Wilson clan has been a part of Glen Rock History since 1953. The Clan includes Mom & Dad Wilson ( Joan & Tom) and the Kids: John, Jackie, Tom and Joanne.  Since they came to town they all have been involved in Glen Rock. Whether it was sports, the pool or even at the Glen Rock Fire department.

Out of all the kids, Tom stayed heavily involved in the town. Tom started working at the IMG_2323GR Pool in 1973, The same year he got his Eagle Scout Award for fixing and putting up the Shudders on the cabins at the old boy scout camp. Tom also received varsity letters in baseball and soccer, and swam for the YMCA  since he was 6 years old till he graduated in 1976.  After graduating college in 1980 with his teaching degree in Phys. Ed, Tom married his college sweetheart Kim.  He then worked at the Barnstable Academy (former and now current Alexander Hamilton School) and made his way to Central School where he just ended his formal teaching career with the Central School class of 2016.


IMG_2619Mr Wilson became even more popular as a varsity state champion soccer coach and as a pool manager at the Glen Rock Pool. He would teach the guards to play the card game hearts while wearing his golf hat and  his Adidas soccer sneakers.

Through the years Tom touched the hearts of many of kids and adults. He helped children learn to love Central and transition easier to the Glen Rock way. This side of Tom is  well known from BTN’s move back home to Glen Rock this fall. He was an asset to the move and BTNs assistant G’s transition.  Thank you.









BTN would like to share what former and current residents think of Tom.

Scott Evans ’88: 

Tom treated me well. Growing up in a town that is predominately white and graduating from a class of 142 students and only 4 of us were black, most people can’t even begin to imagine how often I’ve felt like the odd ball out!

Tom always made me feel and appreciate my difference as a uniqueness that was to be embraced rather than ridiculed.

Between elementary, Jr high, high school and finally college, there are a selected few that leaves an impression for me to always remember.

Tommy somehow did even more. Not only has he left an impression for me to always remember, he’s left an engraving for me to always feel.

I love you Tom! Can’t thank you enough Coach!


Former Councilman John Butler:

” Tom Wilson was enormously helpful when we renovated the pool back in 2001 ; we could not have done it without Tom’s knowledge and insight “


Current Councilman Michael O’Hagan:

On behalf of the town of Glen Rock and all the residents who have enjoyed the GR Pool over the years, I want to thank Tom for his unbelievable devotion and attention he has given to the running of the pool and making it a true gem in GR and the envy of North Jersey. His devotion and dedication will be missed, but never forgotten. Thank you Tom for all that you have done, and I wish nothing but the best to you and your family as you move on to the next phase of your lives.


BTN would like to all personally thank Toms’ wife Kim. She has been an inspiration for myself in the aquatics field. When I teach kids to swim, I use her words and not the standard words.  For everyones  info: it is Tickle T Together .. not Chicken Airplane Soldier.  Thank you for teaching me how to be an awesome swim teacher and coach.

BTN wishes the best to the Wilson clan on their next adventure in Delaware.


Thanks to Rick from Glen Rock TV for this awesome Video!


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