Psychology Club comes to GRHS

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As her girl scout gold award, Michelle Hillock (a rising senior) founded a psychology club at GRHS this past school year.
Working with revered AP Psychology teacher Alan Feldman, the two filled the need for further psychology opportunities in school by starting the club.
Michelle surveyed the students to decide which topics were to be discussed and found the topics which garnered the most interest and included them as topics at  club meetings.
A club meeting usually consists of meeting in the psychology room after school, signing in, a brief introduction of what will be happening, and then diving right in. In the club so far, we have used documentaries (Genie: the feral child, and the Experimentor) to show students some of the most amazing Psychology topics in an all-encompassing way.
Michelle chose this as her gold award project because after taking AP Psychology in her sophomore year, she realized that there were no other classes she could take in psychology to keep learning and further expand her knowledge. Knowing that there were probably others interested in pursuing a career in the psychology field, the GRHS Psychology Club was born.

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