Holiday Shopping around Glen Rock

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Tis the season to be….  shopping actually. There are many different options for unique gifts around the Rock.

One of the first ones that comes to mind is Curious Reader. This book store is the end all – be all book stores in the area. It has  a wide variety of books (not just the popular Junie B Jones or Diary of a Wimpy Kid) that inspires the imagination and challenges readers to want more.  To help with the holiday shopping, Sally Morgan, 12374783_492094290993303_3474152437303832810_oher father Jim Morgan and Chris Lutz decided to do 2 things:

  1. Offer a unique shopping experience this Thursday (12/17) for adults to come shopping without the children, sample some wine and cheese and discover creative ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers. This event is from 6pm – 8pm.
  2. Open up on Mondays 10 am – 6 pm through the holiday season.

The Curious Reader staff is very good at asking one or 2 questions about the child and picking out the perfect book.

Their hours are Monday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm, Sunday 10 am – 3pm.

You can find them on Facebook


you can also find them on Banana Tree News




The next place that holds dear in many Glen Rock hearts is The Grow-Cery. The Grow-cery is Owned by Dee Stevens. 190021_335133189912504_1519780070_nThis store offers unique gift ideas for the mad scientist, the artist and the puzzle lover. None of her products are big name designer products that feature characters that the kids today know. All of her products feature the ability to expand the imagination of  the kids as well as adults.  There are games for adults also.

Her hours are: Monday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm

you can find them on Facebook





Rock Ridge is known for their unique gift items also. The items range from pillows that have 07452 on it, signs that you can hang on a door or a wall, ordainments, or a unique clothing accessory. This is the place to go. Rock Ridge has been a staple in Glen Rock for many generations.

Their Holiday Hours are:

Thursday / Friday 9 am – 7pm

Saturday 9-5

Sunday 10-3

Dec 21-23 9-8

Dec 24 9-4 (ish)

OK, lets think outside the country! What about wonderful Irish gift from one of the newest stores in town Carrick Mor. 12311272_1703184503260001_6295493538179656760_n

This is an unique Irish store that has everything Irish you are looking for.  If they don’t have it, just ask! They carry  items from iconic favorites to contemporary artisans.They carry Irish artwork, jewelry, apparel, pottery, home decor, table and drinkware, children’s items, books, movies, music, and more! Their hours are  M, T, Th-Sat: 10am-6pm  Wed LATE: 11am-8pm.



The last (but not least) place to check out while shopping around the Rock is Shades of Soho. Shades of Soho is Locally 1538693_581163688619317_125043589_nowned by the Kules. The first time I heard of them, I just thought lamp shades. But this place is much more. And its has been proven to be such by them winning in for Best Home Decor Store in the Best of Bergen in 201 Magazine for several years. They add a personal spin to their products and really listen to what their customers said. Check them out for a very unique holiday gift.


What shops do you think BTN should feature as unique gift giving locations? Let us know! ITs not to late for a featured location before the holidays

Happy Holidays!

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