Where to put a Dog Park

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Research and article by: Simon Toffell

The council and an independent GR Dog park committee are looking at several possible locations for a dog park. These include Wilde Memorial Park, GR duck pond, Faber Field, Sycamore Park, Demerest Park (across from the Post Office), and Veterans Park.


  • Each location has the space to have a good size dog park.
  • Most  of them do not back up to residential housing.
  • Parks located near downtown would attract visitors and expose them to the shops downtown.

Wilde Memorial Park

Wilde Memorial Park is located across the street from the Ambulance and Fire Departments.

Wilde Memorial Park









  1. Loss of space for the Fun Fair.  If Glen Rock was to use Wilde Memorial Park (across from the Ambulance Corps) we may loose space for the Fun Fair in June. This event is a great revenue source for Glen Rock and the downtown businesses by getting more people shopping late downtown. For example, during the fair, Johns Boys Pizzeria was packed at 10 pm. Per Umberto, owner of John’s Boy, it is unusual to be packed at 10 pm at night.
  2. Not enough parking on weekends when the fields are being used for sports.
  3. The dog park would have to be way in the back of Wilde Memorial Park which means that the dogs would have to be walked past yelling, screaming kids running and jumping and throwing things.  Most dogs can’t handle this and will bark and growl.  It might be dangerous for the kids if they get loose from their handlers.


Glen Rock Duck Pond




The Glen Rock Duck Pond has a lot of space for a dog park, but it is county owned.  Many years ago, the county chose to have the County Dog Park in Ridgewood because the Glen Rock Duck Pond had too little parking to hand the amount of current and future weekend visitors.  It cost the county $350,000 to build.

Faber Field


The two spots of Faber Field that may work as a Dog Park are lower Faber and the area behind the Recycling Center.

One suggestion from a resident is to turn Faber Field  into a sports park and then lower Faber turned into the Dog Park.


1.  Safety. It’s isolated and there is no street visibility.

2. More parking would need to be created.

Sycamore Park

sycampre pk







Sycamore Park is located at the end of Sycamore Terrace. This park has softball diamonds and a basketball court. There is a field behind the diamonds that might work. Parking would be on Midwood and Sycamore. On a side note, the council is looking at repairing the basketball courts to accommodate more resident players.


1. It is wooded behind the diamonds. Trees may have to come down.

2. Potentially limited parking on Saturdays during softball season.

Demerest park

demerest park







Demerest Park, named after one of the first mayors of Glen Rock , is located across the street from the Post Office. This space is walkable to all the shops downtown, which may help increase foot traffic downtown.


  1. Parking during the daytime the parking is very limited
  2. Too many houses close by.

Veterans Park

veterans park

Veterans Park is located on Main Street and runs between Rodney And Bradford. Its also the location of our 9/11 Memorial. The park is by the main line train station. It backs into businesses on one side and three houses on the other side. This location could be good to attract the visitors to shop downtown. In addition, there is a lot of public parking.



At the Council work session on July 27th, a resident brought up the concern of the noise level that a Dog park would bring.

BTN investigated the noise levels of the Ridgewood Dog Park, the Goffle Brook Dog Park and the GR Pool.

  • August 4th, Ridgewood Dog Park and recorded noise levels of 68Db with 4 dogs in the park. This is 14Db higher then a normal conversation, and it also included East Ridgewood Ave traffic.
  • August 6th, Goffle Brook Dog Park. The noise level there peaked at 70db. This park has a turf field. Because of this, most of the noise we recorded was from visitors talking.
  • August 15th, BTN compared the noise level of the GR Pool on a hot busy day to the potential dog park noise level.  The GR pool had a noise level of mid to high 60Dbs’ when kids were the loudest. This is near what the 2 dog parks were recorded at.

The noise level of the trains coming through the town can be as high as 90dB.

Funding: It will be 100% funded with private money and not a penny from the town

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