July Council Meeting

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By: Terry McBride

Fairly typical July session for the Mayor and Council tonight. Quiet and quick, they moved through some issues pertaining to adding landscape plans to general application requirements(think avoiding Greek god statues) and another on controlling placement/removal of trees and shrubs(think Lorax!). This ordinance will address clearcutting of lots to build new residences which they said is leading to increases in drainage issues and erosion.

There was mention of expanding boro website with a Senior section. There was talk of significant rollback of guest badge pricing and it was noted that although many assume it is a cash cow, the borough pool is in fact a nearly break even operation when capital expenses are factored in.

Pushed into August was consideration of the S-2 Housing ordinance for age restrictive housing (not senior) and Bradford was discussed only in as much as a report was introduced that was said to detail that the neighbors will not suffer depreciation as a result of the United Way potentially moving in. This potential purchase will be discussed in an additional work session on August 10,2015.

Also unaddressed was the results of the independent review into the culture of GRPD by retired state Superior Court Judge Alexander Carver. That review is said to be concluded but a semi-testy exchange with a citizen did not produce a date upon which any conclusions would be released.

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